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Oil changes are the single most important aspect of car maintenance. You want to keep your engine well lubricated to run smoother, cooler and with reduced wear between parts. Speedy will help you know when it’s time to change your oil and what might be the best type of oil for you. When you are looking for oil changes near you book appointment today or call 0507550712


The importance of clean engine oil

Engine oil serves many useful purposes. The first is that it creates a film between metal surfaces which reduces wear. The second is it acts as a rust inhibitor by neutralizing acids and by keeping additional moisture away from key engine components.

Since the combustion process required to keep your engine running causes heat, motor oil helps transport that heat away to an oil pan where it can cool before being recirculated back through the engine.

Engine oil has one more purpose and that is to clean the motor. It contains detergents that help minimize the build-up of sludge and that isolate harmful carbon particles.

Oil becomes contaminated over time, and when that happens it can break down and become ineffective. Signs of its ineffectiveness may show up in one of the ways listed above.

It’s a good idea though to bring your car in for an oil change at regular intervals and before any of these signs appear.


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  • Why do I need to change my car’s oil?

    Oil is a vital part of your car. It is the essential lubricant in your car engine. Without it the metal-on-metal friction creates so much heat that eventually the surfaces weld themselves together and the engine seizes.

  • How often should I change my car’s oil?

    It depends on the car’s make, model and year, as well as driving conditions. Many of today’s automakers recommend oil change at 5,000 or even more miles. Driver should check their user manual for the recommendation..

  • What happen if I never change the oil in my car?

    Dirt will accumulate in the oil and it will thicken and become abrasive. It will cause the filter will clog and the dirty oil will automatically bypass the filter to through a relief valve causing more wear to the engine and it will eventually fail.

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